Kongresi Srpskog Društva za mehaniku


The IV Conference on Dynamics, Control, and Applications to Applied Engineering and Life Science,  November 5-11 , 2023, Brazil.

The Symposium series of International Union of theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM), Tsukuba Science city, Japan, 31st July-4th August 2023.

Third International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (NODYCON Rome 2023), Rome, Italy, June 18-22, 2023.

9th International Congress of the Serbian Society of Mechanics, July 5-7, 2023, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

10th International Congress of the Croatian Society of Mechanics 10thICCSM), which was planned to be held in Pula during September 27-29, 2021, has been postponed to the year 2022. The date of the 10thICCSM is changed for September 28-30, 2022. More information is posted on the web-site LINK

Тhe 16th International Conference “Dynamical Systems – Theory and Applications” (DSTA 2021) has launched and can be accessed at www.dys-ta.com.

Dear EUROMECH members,
We kindly inform you that the 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference (ESMC11) will take place in Galway (Ireland), 4-8 July 2022.

Please find attached a First Announcement Flyer for the conference. The conference website is www.esmc2022.org.

With best regards,

Marc Geers and Jacques Magnaudet

Second international nonlinear dynamics conference NODYCON 2021, February 16-19, 2021, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

The 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM2020), August 22-27, 2021, Milano, Italy

News:  the new dates ICTAM2020+1 to postpone it to August 22-27, 2021, Milano, Italy

ENOC is still used as the historical abbreviation, the present European Nonlinear Dynamics Conferences organized by EUROMECH aim at covering the complete field of Nonlinear Dynamics, including Multibody Dynamics and coupling to Stability, Identification, Control and (Structural) Optimization.

Due to COVID-19 pandemia, the conference is postponed to 11-16  July 2021

EURODYN 2020 XI International Conference on Structural Dynamics, 22-24 June 2020, Athens, Greece

News: the new dates 23-25 November 2020